Check Out Some of the Many Features of Automated Ads...

Custom Rule sets for Automatic Ad Management

Create the simplest to the most sophisticated rule sets in an easy "drag and drop" type editor for even complete beginners to understand. Nearly unlimited options available like automatically growing budgets, pausing or duplicating your ads based on how they perform, custom alerts, day-parting / pausing and starting ads based on when they perform best, etc. based on any customized conditions or rule sets you want!

One Click Implementing of Done For You Rule sets from Ad Experts

On top of being able to make any customized rule sets you want to automate your ads, you can also with a click of a button implement existing rule sets made from top ad experts to immediately start them on your campaign in under a minute for even a complete newcomer! You can even edit or modify these as you wish. People with little to no ad management skills can get expert like ad management in seconds all on autopilot!

Advanced Graph Reports

Visually see how different parts of your ads are performing over time in an easy to understand line graph compared to all other ads and parts of your performance at once. This allows you to spot specific or across the board trends, identify potential issues, and more!

Top Notch, Super Fast Support

Have a question? Need help? Our local support team is here not only to get back to you super fast (often within an hour or less during working hours -- but always within one day or less), but to actually answer your questions thoroughly to make sure you're taken care of.

Free Training from Ad Experts

Whether you're brand new to Facebook advertising or very advanced spending millions of dollars on it, you'll be able to benefit from our wide variety of training and expertise that you'll instantly have available to you. In addition to the training that's currently available, we also do ongoing trainings that you'll get free access to the live trainings and the recordings as well! Learn the latest tactics to not only save you money on ads, but to make you more as well!

Advanced AI Analysis of Past and Present Ad Performance

Instantly analyze your ads to see an advanced breakdown of what's working, what's not, what you might be missing that could save or make you a fortune, and more! You'll discover what targeting is working best, what genders or ages are getting you the cheapest sales or leads, what days and times are getting you better ROI, what platforms or placements are working better, and tons more! Most advertisers waste huge chunks of their ad spend, and this analysis tool will let you analyze your ads in a way that no ad expert ever could in order to give you simple things to tweak to get the best bang for your buck!

Free Updates and New Features

You'll get access to new features and updates as they come out. Have a suggestion for a feature or two? Let us know and we'll try to make it happen! We always have new features and updates in the works, and we'll release them for free on an ongoing basis. And that's on top of making sure that all current features and tools stay up to date as needed too!

Super Low Rates but Tons of Features

Not only do we have super low rates, but you'll get unparalleled features, support, and options that you simply won't find at this price elsewhere! See our pricing tab at the top for a complete breakdown of pricing options.

How do we compare?

Features Automated Ads Top Competitors
Unlimited Rulesets and Options Yes No
Fully Customizable Rules Yes Some
Optional Pre-existing Rulesets from Top Advertisers Yes No
Autopilot Ad Management Yes Some
Advanced AI Analysis Yes No
Optional E-mail Alerts Yes No
Day-parting Options (Automatically Turn On and Off Throughout the Day) Yes Very Few
Drag and Drop Simplicity Yes No
Works with Unlimited Ad Accounts Yes Very Few
Top U.S. Based Support Yes SOME
Super Easy to Use Yes No
Budget Controls Yes Very Few
Easy Access to Ad Experts Yes Very Few
(Coming Soon!) Ability to Edit All Ads at Once Yes Very Few
(Coming Soon!) Optionally Instantly Create Ads Automatically Yes No
(Coming Soon!) Optionally Convert Adsets into Campaigns Yes No

Customer Reviews

Check out some of our customer reviews for Automated Ads! Become our next testimonial by getting started today to automate and improve your Facebook™ ads!

Hey just wanted to let you know that the Automated Ads product is THE SHIT!

Because I hate reading directions, I haven’t even done that yet. I just used the split testing on one of my current campaigns (because that’s the first button I saw so I clicked).

Woke up this morning and have 50% click to conversion on my ads and my best split test is getting .93 conversions on a market I’ve been TOTALLY ignoring.

I’ll give you a better testimonial later but just wanted to tell you how much this thing kicks ass!

Jen P.
(an ad manager for clients)

The Automated Ads campaigns are beating my old ads, but I don’t know why.

Eric Santos
(a business owner and marketer)

Hi again!

Automated Ads just gave me a sale! The first through Automated Ads, yey! And compared to my own ad, the optimized ad has used less money this day. Just wanted to share this news with you!

(a new business owner)